SQL Account 5.2018.822.754

Posted on 14 Mar 2018

Release notes

  • Fix Cust Overdue Letter-(with other Info) Company header not shown if more then 1 page per customer
  • Fix #4572 Error prompted after preview the customer statement group where either total DR or CR are zero.
  • Add Company & CompanyBranch pipeline for EMail for Customer & Supplier Statement
  • #4573: Balance Sheet Retain Earning Description set at Tools | Option not function
  • Remove Negative symbol for Stock Transfer Listing
  • Fixed GST Lampiran 2-with ZR not including IM-CG
  • Fixed GST Lampiran 2 not including IM-CG
  • #4500: Stock Physical Worksheet & Reorder Advice Reports have inconsistent stock result if group by location and batch (if item has transaction in SO/PO but no transaction in ST_TR table)
  • Fixed GST Summary Sheet - MY-20170106 Input Tax should exclding BL & OP tax
  • Fixed GST Summary Sheet - MY-20170106 Bad Debts should excluding from DN/CN Section
  • Fixed GST Detail 3 - GST-03-2018 not including IM-CG
  • Feature #4575: Allow NS tax code to select in Purchase side
  • Feature #4561: Auto correction to ZP for EP, RP, GP transactions
  • Convert to 0 if found any negative value in TAP text field 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16 for GST GST-03-2018
  • #4556: BizObject - Post Stock Received without itemcode prompt Division by Zero
  • Feature #4555: Add Bank Islam Third Party Transfer file format
  • Feature #4547: RHB ePayment - Format update
  • Feature #4325: Allow user to encrypt CIMB Bulk Payment text file

SQL Account 5.2018.821.753

Posted on 14 Feb 2018

Release notes

  • No more support Windows XP & Windows Server 2008 and below
  • Database upgrade to version 155
  • Add GST Detail 3 - GST-03-2018 & GST Detail 4 - Mixed Supplies-2018.
  • Add New GST-03-2018 format.
  • GST-03 report total value of capital goods acquired include transaction with IM-CG tax type
  • Add GST.Gift 2 format
  • Fixed GL Multi - Ledger - Summary Balance C/F not correct in some situation.
  • #4513: GST Listing Summary Grid "Local Amount" Footer shown Empty
  • Feature #4452: Preview GL Maintain Stock Value Report Parameter form add From Year, From Month, To Year & To Month
  • Feature #4479: Stock Transfer Listing add Customer Lookup Filtering.
  • Add new tax types IM-CG, NTX, OS-TXM & SR-JWS. Mark inactive for EP, RP, GP, NP. Update tax description for NS, OP, ZP
  • #4541: Access right still can print even is untick with Preview Right.
  • #4540: Access Right - Maintain Item - Report section is not function.
  • #4539: Edit & Save Sales CN which transfer from IV (that transfer from Past DO) prompt assertion error
  • Feature #4514: Rename column caption from U/Cost to U/Price on gift entry form; GST_GIFT_DTL table UnitCost column stores item unit price .
  • #4503: Job Order browse screen, drag out BOM Template from field chooser prompt error.
  • Feature #4451: Add Police ID and Army ID to ID type of supplier bank account.
  • #4495: GL Cash Book Currency label not aligned properly when resize form.
  • #4455: AR/AP CN & Contra Not shown bad recover when Knock Off with IV which have bad debts.
  • #4483: Remove Maintain Style module Checking.
  • Fix unable to edit cancelled sales invoice after process GST return.
  • Fix Create Fresh Sample DB prompt error "You are not allow to bounce before system conversion date."

SQL Account 5.2017.817.751

Posted on 30 November 2017

Release notes

  • Database upgrade to version 153
  • Feature #4438: Document batch lookup add qty column and option "View Qty"
  • Create index for ST_TR (Batch) to speed up performance for Batch Qty Lookup
  • Feature #4438: Document batch lookup add qty column and option "View Qty"
  • Add GST Bad Debt Relief - Purchase-Adj-Input & Output Tax format
  • Add feature #4442: List invoices where bad debt relief or bad debt recover already happened based on taxable period
  • Bug #4441: GL Cash Book & Journal should allow to save if detail invoice date greater than document date within same month (Change to confirmation dialog)
  • Pascal Script support TcxCustomEditProperties.Alignment.Horz property
  • Update GL Journal of Transaction - Inbalance.fr3 add Export list to text
  • Bug #4433: Location lookup become slow when the items has huge stock transactions in same location. Location lookup add option "View Qty" for performance issue user can untick this option
  • [Win64] - TClientDataSet.XMLData prompt Access Violation
  • Convert Customer Statement with Orig Amt to Fast Report
  • Convert Customer Statement - Group to fast report
  • Bug #4431: Maintain Batch Unable to AutoRun Code
  • Bug #4437: Access Right - File | Import no function
  • Bug #4416: Stock Batch Lookup "New" should be disabled if no purchase batch modules
  • Feature #4423: Auto post the stock value when click apply on GL Trial Balance, Balance Sheet and P&L Reports
  • Fixed Cust Statement 12 Mths 1-Fixed Month had extra unknown field & no decimal point for Open Credit Amount
  • Fix application prompt override access right window twice even though ADMIN override the access right
  • Fix bug #4434: GST taxable button is visible on document entry window if document default window is detail window
  • Feature #4060: Lookup New Entry supported for all master entry forms
  • Convert Customer & Supplier Listing to Fast Report
  • Fix bug #4415: Report form data grid auto append a record if press "Down" arrow key on grid
  • Bug #4426: GL Journal Listing Filter by Doc No prompt error
  • Add GST-Penyata Pembekalan Diberi Perlepasan CBP (RS) report
  • Check tax type of input and output tax of easy GST bad debt before process GST return

SQL Account 5.2017.816.750

Posted on 27 October 2017

Release notes

  • Feature #4391: GL Opening Balance allow batch edit save and display status to alert user if local DR and CR not balanced
  • Add Editing drop down button for Customer & Supplier account to drill down to other entry forms
  • Rewrite GL Opening Balance to support batch edit
  • Bug #4412: Incorrect Drill Down from GST Listing for PV with the Detail Inv No
  • Fixed GST Summary Sheet - MY - RSA should not include in DS category
  • Update maybank2e-rc universal payment file format based on version 4.5
  • Bug #4410: Maintain Stock Batch rename code (1 space) to other value will cause incorrect update to all empty stock batch transactions
  • Fix GST Summary Sheet - MY-20170106 Relief should not show GST Amount
  • Bug #4407: Customer Contra will Prompt Error if using Form Mode Split Browse & Detail Windows
  • Fixed GST Detail 4 - Mixed Supplies label for calculation not correctly shown
  • Update RMCD GST TAP
  • Calculate bad debt invoice if invoice has outstanding (invoice DocAmt - payment KOAmt)
  • Remove redundancy code in Sales Picking List - Level 1-DocUOM
  • Fix TcxDBImage unable to load jpeg image
  • Show Account Not Balance in GL Opening Balance when the LocalDR and LocalCR is not equal
  • Feature #4393: Localize and allow user specified GL Profit & Loss and Balance Sheet Report Grand Totals' Description in Tools | Options
  • Bug #4402: Stock Month End Error when Filter by Category
  • Reverse the Negative Symbol to Credit for GL Journal Voucher - (GST) reports

SQL Account 5.2017.815.749

Posted on 7 October 2017

Release notes

  • Fixed Stock Transfer Report Shown duplicate Serial Number
  • Bug #4348: AR/AP Payment, CN, Refund & Contra upon save should prompt error if KnockOff documents have been deleted/updated
  • Bug #4390: Stock Batch Lookup should list out Batch without Expiry Date
  • Bug #4396: Font in Company name & Address in Sales Invoice do not follow application font setting
  • Bug #4397: Empty Company Logo in sample database
  • Add GST Summary Sheet - MY-20170106
  • Add Sales Picking List - Level 1-DocUOM report
  • Fixed Sales Yearly Analysis unable to preview if group by Shipper

SQL Account 5.2017.814.748

Posted on 26 September 2017

Release notes

  • Database upgrade to version 151
  • Feature #3512: Auto Posting Stock Month End value to Maintain Stock Value according to stock group's Balance Stock account
  • Feature #3512: Auto Posting Stock Month End value to Maintain Stock Value according to stock group's Balance Stock account
  • Stock Month End Balance Report add "Balance Stock" field
  • Maintain Stock Group add "Balance Stock" field
  • ST_Group table add "BalanceStock" field
  • Bug #4388: Rename "GST | Generate GST Audit File (GAF) to Print GST Audit Ledger and remove "Name" column
  • Revise caption in GL Profit & Loss and Balance Sheet report
  • Remove modules: SalesTax, PriceAssistant, StockStatusAssistant, AdvanceDrillDown, ProfitEstimator and AlternateItem
  • Fixed Cust 06 Months Aging-GainLoss Shown wrong Status
  • Add Cust Statement 12 Mths 1-Fixed Month report
  • Fixed GST Detail 4 - Mixed Supplies DMR Status shown Qualify even no ES
  • Move Import "Save GL Account To File" command to SQL Payroll Import PV/JE form
  • Feature #4384: Add Stock Group Column in Grid for All ST/Production/SL/PH Data Entries

SQL Account 5.2017.813.747

Posted on 18 September 2017

Release notes

  • Database upgrade to version 150
  • Fix disappear GL account type icon
  • Bug #4316: Allow all Sales Document to change Item Detail Tax Amount without key in item code & no perform one cents rounding
  • Maintain Tax's TaxRate Lookup drop down UI not aligned properly
  • Fixed GL Trial Balance - This Year v GAF (Footer) not including Retained Earning
  • Fixed GST Detail 3 - GST-03 not Draft GST not shown Capital Goods Aquire Information
  • Fixed GST Detail 3 - GST F5-(SG) error on preview report
  • Enable Support New Format for GL Balance Sheet
  • Fully Convert GL Balance Sheet to Fast Report
  • Feature #4356 - GL Balance Sheet title to support Statement Of Financial Position
  • Feature #4356 - Change GL Profit & Loss title to Statement Of Comprehensive Income
  • GL Balance Sheet Report Title changed upon user change Report Type
  • Assigned parameter value "AccountTreeType" for other parts that use GL Balance Sheet Report
  • Feature #4341: GL Balance Sheet Report support GAAP format
  • Feature #4275: GL Balance Sheet Report support IFRS format. Report form added option "Report Type"
  • Adjust GL Balance Sheet Report coding to be ready to support other report types
  • Create New DB and existing db upgrade rename GL Account's Fixed Assets->Non-Current Assets and Long Term Liabilities->Non-Current Liabilities
  • Revise AR and AP credit Note UI
  • Feature #4374: GL Journal, AR/AP DN & CN (Journal) system not allow to save if duplicate doc no found in one of these data entries
  • Feature #4381: Add invoice document number to AR bad debt recover and AP bad debt relief description
  • Auto set "TO" delivery date 14 days after "FROM" delivery date
  • Bug #4376: Stock Month End Balance add UOM Dataset
  • Show item code stock costing calculation
  • Feature #4373: Stock Location Lookup add Qty field for Data Entry
  • Revise Bug #4056: Edit Sales Invoice Detail's More description by changing all content to upper case to lower case, when close it system no prompt save changes ? and changes are not being saved
  • Feature #4377: Add form mode for GL bank reconciliation
  • Merge Data Import & Data Import (SQL Payroll) menu all under one "Import" menu
  • Reset number of components font name to "Courier New" which has been changed by application default font
  • Bug #4369: Error "No mapping for the Unicode character exists in the target multi-byte code page"
  • Change Customer Aging xml title Cust-Local&Multi-L0-06 Mths-GainLoss to Cust-Local&Multi-L0-06 Mths-UnRealised Gain Loss
  • Bug #4368: Auto running document number fail in non English language
  • Bug #4358: GL Balance Sheet and GL P&L Report add normal and budget columns by Project, the budget column should not be added the normal column amount
  • Fix image background become black after add png image to TimageList
  • Fix calendar overlap other controls on pending payroll navigator window if windows text size > 100%
  • Bug #4370: Prompt Access Violation when cCreate sample database with invalid sample
  • preview report zoom size to 100% by default
  • Bug #4375: Reportbuilder preview form show incorrect zoom percentage value
  • Position trackbar in preview form to vertical
  • Remove product name label from logon image
  • Feature #4378: Memorize Lookup Search State (A-- / -A-) & Case Sensitive Setting in PC Registry
  • Lookup Grid Column support disable focusing when switch column will skip those focusing=false column (forward and backward)
  • Reset number of components font name to "Courier New" which has been changed by application default font
  • Bug #4361: Lookup prompt access violation error or hang when click grid view's customize filter
  • Bug #4360: Hit ENTER key to focus on next field stop working after close Fast Report designer
  • Check Evaluation (for first time setup) Create Sample DB from json file instead of fresh sample
  • Bug #4351: Fresh installation with evaluation prompt error after create database

SQL Account 5.2017.812.746

Posted on 10 September 2017

Release notes

  • Database upgrade to version 149
  • Merge m2e.universalpayment.TT
  • Add support of telegraphic transfer payment mode of Maybank Universal Payment file format
  • Add Giro column, increase size of Bank and AccNo column for AR and AP Bank Account tables
  • Bug #4357: GL Balance Sheet & PnL "Show Column Options", the Budget field should auto untick once select Variance
  • Memory leak occurred if click "Giro" button on supplier document listing window more than one time
  • Revise Tools | Options | Unit Price GUI design
  • Enable Batch Email for Cust Overdue Letter-(with other Info) format
  • Bug #4350: GL Cash Flow Statement - Profit Before taxation should including Prior Year Adjustment
  • Bug #4334: Document Entries Batch Lookup add column "Exp (Days)" and grid option to filter unexpired batch item (reverted commit 1fb2d5b601f963d80b671c7cf0f539aa46d03015)
  • Add feature #3103: Add access right "Not allowed to delete GST return" and "Not allowed to unlock GST return"
  • Bug #4354: GL OR/PV & Job Order Report Lookup DocAmt column shouldn't show $ symbol and Alignment should be on right
  • Fix Sales Delivery Order 4 (Simple) Delivery Tel & Fax label not shown
  • Fix process GST return prompt error "Total Local DR (Tax) and Total Local CR (Tax) is not balance" due to output tax, input tax and GST payable to equal zero
  • Feature #4353: Document Transfer (DO/GR->IV/CS/PI/CP) Delivery date should be assigned with DO/GR Doc Date
  • Reposition "Apply" button on report param form
  • Fixed Supplier Statement still show P even is fully Knock off
  • Enable Batch Email for GL Official Receipt - Detail (GST) format
  • Bug #4340: Profit and Loss Report doesn't filter Project Code defined in Unicode characters
  • Bug #4293: Unicode characters fail in most recently used dialog
  • GL Local - Ledger - Detail - Level 1 Date column wrongly map to DocDate
  • Bug #4278: Save button icon is missing in TfrDatasetButtons
  • Revise Balance Sheet UI: Removing unuse Panel1 control
  • Revise Profit & Loss UI: Removing unuse Panel2 control
  • Make Apply button in report form to transparent
  • Convert GL Local & Multi - Ledger Summary to FR3
  • Rename Stock Card - Location to Stock Card - Location + SerialNo
  • Stock Analysis By Document disable Load/Save grid layout
  • Feature #4336: GST Listing detail drill down to original source document (eg. Sales IV instead of customer IV)
  • Bug #4319: Negative access right allow to edit in Maintain Stock Item detail mode
  • Feature #4315: Stock module auto activate the Basic S&P module
  • Convert Stock Transfer to FR3
  • Bug #4337: GL Receipt & Payment Report Parameter dataset's OpeningBalance & TotalAmount not set Display Format if preview second time
  • Add Report Footer & Change Title From RichText to Memo for GL Trial Balance, GL Profit & Loss Statement & GL Balance Sheet Report (Fast Report Only)
  • Convert GL BS - 4C0P to fr3
  • Fix display format is missing for qty grid columns on outstanding job order data form
  • Fix bug #4335: Incorrect transfer qty of outstanding job order listing due to item rate > 1
  • Bug #4294: Purchase Documents' Tax Amount, Local Tax Amount & Taxable Amount should hide if "Show Cost" access right is unticked
  • Bug #4322: Year End should insert GL Journal in GL Opening Reconciliation (Bank transactions only)
  • Bug #4327: SL/PH Documents add new detail record without Item Code shouldn't assign Default Tax Code if company has Tax Exemption Number
  • Bug #4314: Grid in Account Inquiry is too close to form edge
  • Fix bug #4331: Outstanding production for sales order document does not exclude non-BOM item
  • Bug #4332: Revert back the commit - Enable tab stop for company name, address, doc description & etc under sales, purchase & stock entry screen
  • Fix bug #4306: Gift record with item code can set UOM as blank
  • Bug #4304: Copy & Paste Stock Item Assembly should exclude FromDocType & FromDocKey
  • Bug #4334: SL/PH Credit Note, Stock Adjustment, Stock Issue, Stock Received & Stock Transfer's Batch Item Lookup should list all batch regardless of Expiry Date
  • Company Profile add Report Footer field
  • Fixed GST Summary Sheet - MY IES amount not match with GST-03
  • Fixed RSA DS should not add in Deemed Supply column
  • Fix bug #4326: Unlock and delete PV or JE will cause incorrect output and input tax after recalculate
  • Add GL PnL - 4C4P report
  • Revise build script for chm file
  • Bug #4305: Maintain Stock Item UOM Code should limit user key in 10 characters only (currently can key in more than 10, it only truncated after press enter)
  • Fix bug #4309: Incorrect output or input tax of draft GST return created after recalculate GST return if invoice deleted after unlock GST return
  • Remove Document_Document Pipeline for GL Journal Voucher & Bank Adjustment
  • Bug #4307: GL Journal & Bank Adjustment Reports cdsDocument (Document_Document pipeline) been removed since Main pipeline already has same data
  • Allow user to configure firebird database properties such as forced writes and page buffers
  • Feature #4261: Sync preview actions of currently focused data form to standard toolbar
  • Optimize lookup for better performance and reduce user objects (task manager)
  • Revise Command Navigator to draw icon caption