SQL Payroll User Guide

Learn how to use and Master SQL Payroll.

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Getting Started

SQL Payroll User Guide

This guide contains all the information to help you get started using SQL Payroll software.

1.01 Maintain Payroll Company Profile

This is how to maintain SQL Payroll Company Profile.

Human Resource

2.01 Maintain Employee

Whenever a new staff/worker/person/crew enter the company, Maintain Employee is the place where user needs to key in the details.

2.02 Print Appointment/Confirmation/Increment letter

Guide to printing Appointment/Confirmation/Increment letter.


3.01.01 Final Payroll

Steps to do final payroll to process the net pay amount based on computerized calculation.

3.01.02 Payroll Frequency Method

Frequency – Where one company will pay salary twice or more times in a month.

3.01.03 Daily Pay Method

This guide shows you how to use daily pay method.

3.02.01 Maintain Employee’s Opening Balance

Maintain employee’s opening balance is done when the respective employee enter the company in a month later than January.

3.02.02 PCB & CP38 Receipt No & Date

Entering PCB & CP38 Receipt Number & Date.

3.03.01 CP38

CP38 is a instruction issued by LHDN to deduct salary.

3.03.02 Bonus

This guide show you how to process payroll with bonus.

3.03.03 Process Payroll with Commission

This guide show you how to process payroll with commission.

3.03.05 Advance Paid

This guide show you how to do Advance Paid.

3.03.04 Process Payroll with Overtime

This guide show you how to process payroll with overtime.

3.04.01 Maintain Contribution

Setting up maintain contribution helps you to categorise the type of contribution an employee received.

3.04.02 Maintain Payment Method

Maintain Payment Method helps you to categorise how you want to pay your employee.

3.04.03 Maintain Wages

Setting up maintain wages helps you to categorise the type of wages an employee received.


4.01 Leave Module

This guide show you how to maintain leave type, leave group and assign leave group to your employee(s).

4.02 Brought Forward Leave

This is a step-by-step guide to brought forward leave.


5.01 Print EA Form

This guide shows you how to load print EA form.


6.01 Tax Benefit

This is shows you how to insert tax benefit info.

6.02 Employee Login

This guide shows you how to allow employee to login and view their personal info.