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SQL Accounting, Inventory Software – The business Software trusted by more than 270,000 companies & help your business run efficiently.

FAccounting software is a vital tool for businesses to help them understand their financial health. With the right accounting software, you can get comprehensive reports on everything from sales and costs to profits and cash flow, enabling you to make the best strategic decisions. With more than 2500 tailored reports available, you’re sure to find the analysis you need.

SQL Accounting and Inventory Software is the perfect solution for businesses of all sizes. This software provides powerful data management capabilities, allowing users to track sales, inventory, accounts receivables, accounts payables and more. Whether you are a service company, manufacturer, freelancer, trading company, accounting firm or bookkeeper, SQL Accounting and Inventory Software can help streamline your operations.

SQL Accounting has close to 20 built in profit & loss statement reports. But you can choose to customize your own reports! You can compare your profit and loss not just this year vs last year, but you can also compare by seasonal eg this quarter vs last year this quarter. You can also do a special period profit & loss statement format, for example a 2-year total profit & loss statement to help you analyse your business performance, optimize profit, cash flow & many more.  

SQL Accounting Software significantly helps improve the efficiency of the many companies. Apart from that, there are still more important benefits that SQL Accounting software provides. 

Accounting software such as SQL Accounting makes it easier for business owners and accounting professionals to manage finances with ease. This user-friendly tool does not require any prior knowledge of accounting and is highly configurable and allows users to customize the software to suit their specific needs.

It is the perfect accounting software for new start-up company, growing small-medium business to a large organisation. SQL Accounting is the best accounting software in Malaysia because in addition to being highly flexible and customizable, it is in accordance with the taxation laws of Malaysia. Save yourself the hassle and headache and generate SST reports with the best accounting software in Malaysia.  

SQL Accounting has served more than 270,000 companies across Asia. SQL Accounting software aims to help our customers enhance workplace performance, eliminate human error, and maximize profits through our stable, dependable, and developed software functionalities. 

Our accounting software is highly customizable and offers a variety of features, such as a General Ledger (GL), Account Receivable (AR), Account Payable (AP), Sales, Purchase, Inventory and more. With its flexible capabilities, it allows users to quickly and easily adapt the system to their individual needs.

What sets SQL Accounting apart from other accounting software’s is that SQL Accounting software comes with an abundance of online resources to support your journey in using this system. Regardless if it’s an on-premise or SQL Online Accounting software, SQL Account is the best accounting software. If that’s not enough, unlimited hands-on free accounting software training in the SQL Accounting Head Quarters. More than 400 nationwide service centres to provide you phone & online support.  

Highlight Features Of SQL Accounting Software

Easy To Learn

Learn invoicing in 3 minutes, NO accounting knowledge required. All Accounting entry will be handled by SQL Software automatically and accurately.  

Free Hand-On Training & Support

SQL Account also provides free hands on training every month to give our customers a better understanding on how the accounting software works. SQL Account also has a technical support team that is fully trained and equipped to assist you via phone, email, and remote access.  

Accountant Preferable

Easy audit & tax computation, many accountants familiar with SQL. Local Malaysia tax compliance both SST & GST. 

Inventory Software

Accurate & real time inventory updates, optimal production and distribution of goods for wholesale or retail.  

Data Migration

We can help you to migrate the data from your prior accounting software or excel into SQL Account. SQL Account supports data migration from EMAS, UBS, ABSS (previously known as MYOB) and Excel.  

Comprehensive Report

Wide range report include customizable profit & loss statement, you can view your p&l comparison follow your unique business. More than 2500 report build in report including invoicing, analysis report, payment collection report, statement of account & many more. 

Integrated With Whatsapp

SQL Account is the first accounting software integrated with Whatsapp. When you use SQL accounting software, you can send Quotation, Invoice, Statement of account and any business documents to your clients via Whatsapp with a few simple clicks. 

SQL Accounting software Whatsapp Integration

Profit Estimator

Track every item you quote, Easy quick profit estimator provide you the selling price with cost, gross profit, profit margin in one simple click. 

1 Time Payment,
Permanent License

Own the SQL Accounting software with a one-time payment and you’ll receive lifetime license – no extra charges or hidden costs!

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