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Setting up and Implementing Accounting Software
Once you have selected the accounting software that best suits your business, the next step is to set it up and implement it in your organization. Here are some steps to guide you through the process.
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Every business needs an accounting software. Which accounting software is best suited for your business?
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Malaysia Best Accounting Software
SQL Accounting, Inventory Software – The business Software trusted by more than 270,000 companies & help your business run efficiently.
Malaysia Best Payroll Software
Malaysia certified Payroll Software by KWSP, PERKESO, LHDN, HRDF. Compliant with all Malaysia government regulation, accurate calculation for all contributions, fully automated, comprehensive HR reporting and built-in official Malaysia government reports.
SQL Cloud Accounting Software
SQL Cloud is a software as a service that provides online accounting software. Achieve new heights of productivity by working anytime anywhere. Use SQL Cloud Accounting Software and have full ownership of your data, unlimited storage, and issue unlimited number of transactions.

Malaysia Income Tax Calculator & Planner

Try the latest version (YA 2023) now!

I just want tax payable RM 8000 only, how much yearly income do I need to report to LHDN? What is my tax bracket %?
— Tax Payer

SQL Professional Tax Planner comes with the highly popular, accountant favorite —

Tax Reversal Calculator ”.

Enter your desired tax payable amount and using the reverse calculator, our system will calculate the gross income in order to fulfil your expected tax bracket.

For example,

If you want your tax payable amount is RM 8000, what you need to do is insert RM 8000, and SQL tax calculator will calculate the yearly income to be reported to LHDN for you.

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