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SQL Account Online Training

Part 1

Getting Started on SQL Account System

Learn how to install, configure, and register your Software.

Master Data Creation

Learn how to create new customer accounts, supplier accounts, and other business-related accounts.

Sales & Purchase (Sales / Purchase Workflow)

Learn all sales transactions like Quotation, Delivery orders, Sales Orders, and Invoices & more.

Customer & Supplier Documents

Create Customer Debit Notes, Credit notes, and learn customer payments and knock-off invoices.

General Ledger and Management Reporting (Balance Sheet, P&L, Trial Balance)

Learn how to utilise our customisable accounting reports.

SST Setting

Learn how to perform your initial SST configuration in SQL, How to assign SST codes for your stock, customer, and supplier. Also learn how tariff codes and tax exemption numbers work in SQL Account software.

Sales & Purchase Advance Report

Find out how you can compile and analyse all your sales and purchases transactions in one click. Generate sales / purchases listing reports and print documents in bulk with our handy features.


Part 2

Stock Configuration

Learn how to create new stock item, stock groups, assign stock costing calculations. Learn how to utilise our stock adjustment features.

Stock Control with Analysis Report

Learn how to utilise our detailed stock card reports, stock month end reports, stock aging reports, and physical worksheet.

SQL Optional Modules

Find out more about our additional modules like Serial number module, landing cost, stock batch module, stock item template, SQL POS, Stock Picker app, and e-Commerce Module.


SQL Payroll Online Training

Company Profile

Learn how to setup your SQL Payroll and perform some initial configurations in your SQL Payroll Software before using it.

Maintain Employee

Learn how to correctly create your employee’s master data file with setup allowance tax exemption, contribution info, resident info, EIS category, tax category, child information EPF, PCB, Socso, EIS, tax category, Child Relief.

Process Payroll

Learn how to process, pending, adHoc, and month end payroll.

Leave Maintenance

Learn how to setup new leave types and assign leave entitlements to your employees. Configure annual working calendar for your company.

Leave application

How to record in staff applied leave into SQL Payroll. How is unpaid leave calculated in SQL Payroll Software.

Generate e-Reports for online submission (EPF, SOCSO, PCB):

You can now submit all your statutory contribution online! Learn how you can do it with SQL Payroll.

Additional Information

How to handle advance paid and advance deduct for wages. How can we edit EA forms.

Additional features in SQL Payroll

Loan Module, e-Leave & e-Claim module

SQL Payroll FREE training

Find out latest SQL Payroll Live Online Training sessions and register now!

SQL Payroll FREE training

Find out latest SQL Payroll Live Online Training sessions and register now!

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