What to Consider Before Purchasing a Payroll Software?

What makes a good payroll software?

Payroll software is an unavoidable necessity for every company. Every company regardless of their size needs to process salary for their workers and adhere to the statutory contribution rules according to the country’s labor laws and regulations.

Multiple elements are involved in payroll processing such as overtimes, allowances, commission, and claims must be properly keyed in.

Without a good and dependable software, it is difficult to keep track of all of these things. Luckily SQL Payroll is an all-in-one comprehensive software that makes month end payroll processing faster, more accurate, and easier to maintain.

What to Consider Before Purchasing a Payroll Software?

Flexibility to Integrate With Other Software

SQL Payroll is 100% compatible with SQL Account. You can directly post month end transactions into your SQL Account Journal Entry or Payment Voucher. There is no need to manually key in each payment for each staff or into each account. Just do a 1-time configuration, and you’re all set. Other than that, SQL Payroll can be integrated with attendance software like Fingertec and Click Time Attendance to import leaves and overtimes. You can also import your data from Excel spreadsheets into SQL Payroll. Making it faster and easier for you to migrate your payroll data from Excel to SQL Payroll.

Supports Electronic Payment for Salary and Statutory Contributions for Multiple Banks

You can make submissions for your monthly EPF, SOCSO, EIS, and PCB contribution with SQL Payroll. SQL Payroll will generate a text file compatible with the KWSP/SOCSO/LHDN website or online banking platform. You can then load in the file at the desired site and make the payment immediately. The same goes with the payment for staff’s monthly salary. If direct debit payment method is chosen, all you need to do is configure the payment method once. Then, you can generate the payment file in SQL and load it into your online banking platform.

Mobile App E-Leave and Claim Features

To enhance the user experience and improve convenience, SQL Payroll also comes with an e-leave mobile app. Employees can use SQL E-Leave app to apply for leaves and submit claims while managers can approve the leaves as well as get a comprehensive summarized view of leave application history for each staff. Users of e-Leave can also download their monthly payslips directly from the app.

Automated Calculation for PCB

PCB or MTD (monthly tax deduction) is used to reduce the amount of income tax that a worker needs to pay. SQL Payroll automatically calculates every employee’s PCB contribution. SQL uses the official PCB calculator made by LHDN to obtain the contribution amount. This makes every PCB calculation 100% correct.

Comprehensive Reporting and Government Reports Ready

With SQL Payroll, you can generate all Malaysian government reports related to EPF, SOCSO and LHDN.

  • EPF Borang A
  • SOCSO Borang 8A
  • SOCSO Borang 2
  • SOCSO Borang 3
  • EIS Borang 1
  • EIS Borang 2
  • EIS Lampiran 1
  • EA Form
  • EC Form
  • Income Tax Data Praisi
  • Income Tax CP8D
  • Income Tax Lampiran B
  • Income Tax PCB 2

You can also generate reports like payroll summary, yearly payroll report, leave balance report, leave application reports for internal analysis and auditing.

Other than that, you can generate HR management letters like appointment letter, confirmation letter, increment letter, assessment letter, termination letter.

One-Time Payment for Lifelong License

With a 1-time payment, you can get lifelong license for SQL Payroll. Each license can support up to 3 companies. When you purchase SQL Payroll, you can process an unlimited number of payroll and keep accessing unlimited years of past payroll and EA forms. There is no incurring annual renewal fees. With the latest government initiative, you can apply for the SME matching 50% grant to get financial assistance to help with the purchase of your new payroll software.


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