What is EIS?

EIS is the Employment Insurance System. It is a financial scheme to provide assistance to employees who have lost their job. EIS is managed by SOCSO. EIS is meant to enable workers that have been retrenched. Monetary funds are given for up to six months.

The contribution rate for EIS is 0.2% of the employee’s wages for both the employer and employee. EIS contribution is not required if employee is above the age of 60 years old and below the age of 18 years old.

How And Where Do I Make My EIS Submission?

You can make the E-submission for SOCSO Borang 8A at the PERKESO portal. You can generate the contribution file in SQL Payroll export it and directly upload it at the portal. SQL Payroll also has bank templates for you to make SOCSO contribution through your online banking platform.

Learn how to submit your files on PERKESO portal by following the guides below.

How To Make SOCSO + EIS Combine Contribution Submission

· 22 July 2022

You can submit SOCSO + EIS contribution simultaneously at the PERKESO portal. You can generate both SOCSO + EIS contribution file using SQL Payroll, export it and directly upload it at the portal (Refer Section 3). Learn how to submit your submission files on PERKESO portal by following the guides below :

Section 1: SOCSO + EIS Combine Contribution

Step 1: Login to PERKESO portal and Navigate to Combine Contribution
  1. Go to My Sites > Contribution > Contribution > SOCSO + EIS
  2. Select Employer Code
  3. Select contribution month (Refer Section 2) or upload text file (Refer Section 3)
  4. Employer Contribution Pending List
    • Shows list of outstanding contribution submission for SOCSO + EIS combine contribution
    • Click on “Action” icon will redirect to Combine Contribution data entry screen (Refer Section 2)
    Unsubmitted Contribution (Draft)
    • Shows list of draft SOCSO + EIS combine contribution submission
    • Click on “Edit” icon to edit and submit combine contribution
    • Click on “Remove” icon to delete the draft
    • Tick the checkbox of draft and click on “Remove Draft(s)” to delete multiple drafts
    “Arrears Contribution” Button – Click this button for submission of back dated or previous contribution month (Refer Section 2)
    “Text File” Button – Click this button for submission using SOCSO + EIS combine contribution text file (Refer Section 3)

Section 2: Combine Contribution Data Entry

Step 1: Check submission contribution information
“Contribution Month” and “Act” will be displayed based on user selection on previous step
Step 2: Enter Employee Contributions
  1. Enter (for 1st submission) or edit (by clicking “Action” icon) employee’s wages / salary
  2. Can search specific employee contribution by Employee Identification Number
    Employee contribution details for SOCSO + EIS combine contribution will be listed based on previoud paid Combine Contribution submission
    Summary of Combine Contribution submission will be displayed on bottom section upon update
    May click “Save Draft” button if with to revisit the draft of Contribution Submission later
  3. Click “Submit” button and the Acknowledgement Contribution Received (ACR) and EIS Contribution Received (ECR) documents will be generated (Refer Section 4)

Section 3: Combine Contribution Text File

Step 1: Enter submission contribution information
  1. Upload text file with Combine Contribution format
  2. Other text file format will be blocked from submission and “Invalid text file format” error will be displayed
Step 2: Submit Combine Contribution
  1. Check the contribution amount calculated by the system
  2. To view the details of calculated Combine Contribution, click “Action” icon
  3. Click “Submit” button and proceed to Acknowledgement screen (Refer Section 4)

Section 4: SOCSO + EIS Contribution Acknowledgement

Step 1: Acknowledgement Contribution Received
ACR (for SOCSO) and ECR (for EIS) summary are listed in table, can click “Print ACR/ECR” button to print or download as pdf
To proceed with payment, click “FPX Payment” button

View PERKESO user manual

How To Make EIS Payment Online?

With PERKESO portal, you can make payment for SOCSO or EIS contribution via Financial Processing Exchange (FPX) by following the steps below:

Step 1: Go to My Sites > Payment > FPX > Payment
For Combine Contribution submission, system will group ACR and ECR respectively
Can click “View” icon to view details, “Remove” icon to delete unnecessary ACR or ECR
Step 2: Tick the checkboxes to select the transactions and click “Add to Cart” button to proceed with selection
Step 3: Click “Proceed to Summary” button to proceed with payment via FPX
Step 4: In Payment Cart, make sure the details are correct and click “Continue” button to FPX payment screen
“Search Payment” button – Search outstanding payment
“Clear List” button – Remove all transaction in Payment Cart
Step 5: Make FPX payment
  1. Select Business Model, Bank and enter email address (for notification purposes)
  2. Business Model:
    • Corporate to Corporate (B2B) – Using company / corporate account
    • Personal to Corporate (B2C) – Using personal account
  3. Click “Proceed” button and will be redirected to selected bank Internet Banking page
Step 6: View payment history
  1. Go to My Sites > Payment > FPX > History
  2. Click “Action” icon to view payment details with receipt for “Success” FPX payment or error details for “Failed” FPX payment

View PERKESO user manual


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